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Friend of the Court FAQ

Due to the COVID-19 State of Emergency, the Customer Service lobby is closed to the public until further notice. 

You may still access information about your case by:
  • Calling the FOC Call Center at (844) 785-7593
  • Calling the Michigan State Disbursement Unit (MiSDU) at (877) 543-2660 for payment information only
  • Signing up for MiChildSupport online at to access case information.
  • Scheduling a virtual appointment with a Friend of the Court customer service representative online at . You must have an updated internet browser to connect to this meeting virtually. Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are preferred.
  • Attorneys may leave a voicemail at (313) 224-5295 or email at
  • Click here for all customer service options available in lieu of in-person contact.
You may make child support payments:
Civil Child Support Bench Warrants

Due to the State of Emergency, walk-in resolution of Friend of the Court civil child support bench warrants in Courtroom 1907 of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday has been temporarily canceled. You may take care of your civil child support bench warrant by paying the full bond amount at a law enforcement agency. You may also attempt to resolve your bench warrant by calling the Wayne County Sheriff's Department at (313) 224-4066. If you pay the bond, you must still call the Wayne County Sheriff's Department at (313) 224-4066 to discuss how the bond will be applied to your support account. If you do not contact the Wayne County Sheriff's Department within 15 days of paying the bond, the bond will be applied to your support account.

Changing the Child Support Amount

Child support may be changed by filing a Motion to Change Child Support (FOC Form 4035). Michigan Compiled Law § 552.603 allows the Court to change support back to the date a motion is filed and served on the other party. Therefore, filing your motion as soon as possible will mean that any change in your child support may start earlier.

You may also request a Support Review through the Friend of the Court. This written request may be mailed to P.O. Box 829, Detroit, MI 48231 or emailed to The start date on this type of review would begin the 1st day of the month following the date a Notice of Support Review has been mailed to both parties. The Friend of the Court mails out the Notice of Support Review once it has worked your request. Please understand these review requests may take time to process due to the availability of staff and the volume of cases received for review during this time.

How to File a Motion

The Third Circuit Court location at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center is closed to the public. Motions may be filed with the County Clerk’s office by:

  • Mail to Wayne County Clerk, Room 201, Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, Two Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48226
  • Fax Emergency filings to (313) 964-7340 and Non-Emergency filings to (313) 964-7341
  • Email Emergency filings to and Non-Emergency filings to

Fees must be paid or waived before filing. Click here for more information on filing by fax or email and how to request a fee waiver. Please follow all directions on the website or else your filing may be rejected.

In order to get a hearing date, you will need to monitor the case on to determine when the Motion has been filed with the Clerk's Office. Once the Motion has been filed, you will need to complete the ePraecipe. Click here for more information on the ePraecipe under Motion Hearing Dates

Access to Files and/or Court Orders

If you need a copy of a court order, submit the FOC Access to Records request (FOC Form 4022) and we will process your request. Due to delays in processing request for records, you may file a motion to modify an order without attaching the current order if it is unavailable during this time.


Stimulus Payments

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 includes provisions for 2021 recovery rebate credits, also referred to as stimulus payments, to eligible individuals. Recovery rebates that are received as advance payments in the form of a check, direct deposit, or debit card are NOT subject to tax refund offset for child support arrearages. Therefore, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will not be withholding any amounts from the advance payments of recovery rebates for child support arrearages.

However, as with the second round of stimulus payments, if eligible individuals do not receive a stimulus payment, they must claim the recovery rebate as a credit on their 2021 tax return. This may result in reduced tax liability or an increased tax refund. Tax refunds that include recovery rebate funds are subject to tax refund offset for debts to federal or state agencies, including child support arrearages.

More Child Support Questions

For more information on child support during the COVID-19 outbreak, see the Frequently Asked Questions published by the State Court Administrative Office.

Legal Resources

Below are some resources available for legal help with your filings. The Third Circuit Court cannot guarantee whether all of these resources are in full operation during this time. Their hours and services may be affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Detroit Legal Services Virtual Clinic :
Click here to schedule a virtual legal consultation with a member of the Detroit Bar Association!  The volunteer attorneys are available to assist with a variety of legal issues.

Lakeshore Legal Aid
(888) 783-8190

William Booth Legal Aid Clinic
(313) 361-6340

Michigan Legal Help

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