Jury Services

State of Emergency
The Wayne County Third Circuit Court is suspending jury duty until the week of August 17, 2020. Jurors that have received a jury summons or who have received a postcard notifying them of a rescheduled date prior to August 17, 2020 will not be called for service. There is no additional action needed from those jurors. If you have questions about jury service, please email all inquiries to juryservices@3rdcc.org. Please include your full name and jury identification number or address and date of birth on your inquiry. Jurors may also call the 24-hour automated information line at (313) 224-2507 or (313) 224-5650 for jury information.
One-Step Questionnaire/Summons

Beginning in September 2013, the Third Circuit Court introduced the new One-Step Juror Qualification/Questionnaire Form and Juror Summons. Please complete both the Part A - Qualification section and the Part B - Juror Questionnaire (Personal History) section. Please detach and retain the Summons portion of the form for future reference regarding your anticipated date of service. Please return the completed Part A and B portion of the Questionnaire in the envelope provided.

Failure to appear for service when instructed to do so can result in a Show Cause Hearing appearance as well as a possible contempt of court charge.

For your convenience the Quick Link for the Online Jury Questionnaire provides you with the opportunity to complete the Juror Qualification/Questionnaire Form online.

Juror Reporting Instructions

Two locations are used for jurors reporting to Third Circuit Court. Your reporting location and Group number are found on the lower right-hand corner of your summons form. The Group number is used to identify the jurors requested to report. Please select the link below that corresponds to the location to which you are summoned:

Juror Reporting Times & Locations

Jurors should report to the appropriate location at the specified time. The links below provide directions to each location as well as DDOT and SMART Bus routes and maps.

Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
Jury Services Room 301
2 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI 48226
8:00 am
Frank Murphy Hall of Justice
Jury Services Room 100
1441 St. Antoine
Detroit, MI 48226
7:30 am

SMART Bus Routes and Maps
Parking Spots
Please be advised that E-Z Parking/Stroh's Ice Cream
(at I-375 and Gratiot) offers jurors summoned to the
Frank Murphy Hall of Justice everyday parking for $3.00.
To obtain this rate, please show the attendant your
summons or juror badge.
Term of Service

Wayne County jury service is a "one day/one trial" term of service. If you are selected to serve on a trial, you will serve only for the duration of that one trial. Average length of a trial is three (3) to four (4) days. Jurors not selected or not involved in a continuing selection at the end of the day will complete their service at the end of the day that they report.