MiFILE Enhancements Requiring Action by Registered Users

On June 7, 2021, some improvements will be made to MiFILE, Michigan's standardized e-Filing system that will require registered users to take some action. You need to be aware there will be a change in the way recipients of e-service are managed in MIFILE that may disrupt e-service to case contacts. It is critical that you read the details of the improvements and the change in filer experience and to take the necessary steps to determine whether you need to re-associate yourself with any cases you participate in.


A recent update to the MiFILE system may disconnect your name and email address from your case. This means you will not be e-Served with documents in the case until you reconnect to your case.

To reconnect:

  • Find your case, either by doing a search or reviewing your TrueFiling History.
  • On the Case Details Page, look for the "I am this Person" button to the right of your name.
  • If there is no "I am this Person" button, you are already connected to an email address. To confirm that it is the email address you used for e-Service in your case, go to the Upload Filings screen, select "Serve Document," and review the "Select Recipients" pane.
If you need help reconnecting to your case, watch this short video.


General Information 

Michigan Supreme Court’s Administrative Order allows the Third Judicial Circuit Court to require eFiling as follows:
  • Mandatory for all civil case types
  • Subsequent filings for all criminal case types

    The Third Judicial Circuit of Michigan eFiling project is mandatory for all civil case types. Subsequent filings are mandatory for Criminal case types.

    For eFiling of documents please use the MiFile website at https://mifile.courts.michigan.gov/

    There are public kiosks available in room 201 of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center and room 901 of the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice for document scanning and eFiling. You must already be a registered user of the MiFile system prior to using the kiosks. The use of a portable (flash/thumb) drive is not allowed at the kiosks. There are no printing services available at the kiosks.

    ePraecipe - Civil

    *         Motions, although scheduled for hearing, will be decided without oral argument unless the Court contacts you and states otherwise or unless a Zoom hearing is specifically ordered.

    *         Judges request that the motion filer submit a proposed order with each motion.

    eFiling Help and Training

    • MiFile Help
    • 3rd Circuit Court Support
    • Please provide your name, phone number, issue and case number (if your question relates to a specific filing)