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Staff Resources

VPN Issue

April 17, 2021 2:30pm  (*New* Issue Fixed)

If you were experiencing difficulty with VPN network connection, please follow instructions to fix the VPN issue.

Instructions to fix VPN Issue


For court employees who are on the road or working from home, the following is a list of resources available on the Internet. You do not need to be logged into the intranet in order to access them. Included are links for checking e-mail and connecting to the VPN.

Remote Access
For help with connecting remotely, or other help related to the Third Judicial Circuit website, please send an email to or call 313-224-0157. Any email will need to contain Name, contact phone number and the issue you are looking to resolve - please include case number if applicable.

VPN Upgrade Instructions
VPN Google Authenticator Instructions
Team Viewer Instructions
AtHoc Alerting and Notifications Admin Guide