Friend of the Court Matters

Payment Options

Paying your Court Ordered Assessments:

Payment Kiosk

Payment Kiosks are available to accept payment on Court Ordered fees.
Payment Kiosk Locations                             

Payment at the Cashier Window

  • Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
    2 Woodward Ave
    19th Floor
    Detroit, MI  48226   Maps & Directions
  • Penobscot Building
    645 Griswold
    Information Service Area
    2nd Floor
    Detroit, MI 48226    Maps & Directions     
  • Forms of payment accepted at the Cashier Window:
    • Cash
    • Money Order – payable to Wayne County Friend of the Court
    • Certified Checks – payable to Wayne County Friend of the Court
    • Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover 

    Allowed cards of payment
**Personal Checks are NOT ACCEPTED

Payment by Phone                                                 Allowed cards of payment

  • 1-888-604-7888
  • To make a payment you will need the following information:
    • Non Custodial Parent Name
    • Custodial Parent Name
    • Docket # (10 digits)
    • Payment Amount
    • Last 4 Digits of SSN#
    • Cardholder Name
    • Address
    • Cardholder Phone #
  • You will also need to identify the type of payment by the appropriate pay location code from this list:
    • Felony Non Support: Pay Location Code (PLC): 8461
    • Child Support: Pay Location Code (PLC): 8463
    • License Reinstatement Fees: Pay Location Code (PLC): 8465
    • Family Assessment Fame: Pay Location Code (PLC): 8467
    • FOC Bench Warr Comm Release: Pay Location Code (PLC): 8469
    • Genetic Testing: Pay Location Code (PLC): 8474

Payment Online                                                          Allowed cards of payment