Matters that involve claims of more than $25,000, which include medical malpractice, auto negligence, personal injury, contracts, employment discrimination, and receiverships are heard in the Civil Division. In addition, civil matters appealed from Wayne County district courts and administrative agencies are also handled by the Civil Division Judges.

Coleman A. Young Municipal Center (CAYMC)

Updated Protocol for the Remote Operations of the Civil Division

(313) 224-5430 701 CAYMC

2 Woodward Avenue
Room 701
Detroit, MI 48226

Phone: (313) 224-5430. Court personnel are in the Courtroom and available by phone. If you do not reach staff by phone, please email frances.yturri@3rdcc.org.


Courtroom Clerk: Stacey Stallworth
Law Clerk: Frances Yturri, frances.yturri@3rdcc.org
Court Reporter: Athalia Cargile
Deputy: Reginald Gordon

(313) 224-2427 1707 CAYMC
1707 Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
2 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI  48226
Phone: 313-224-2427
Law Clerk: Rebecca Zarras
Court Clerk: Kimberley DeLoach
Court Reporter: Manuwella Jones

The Courtroom is closed to the public. Court operations are conducted remotely via Zoom Technology
If you have a conference, motion or hearing scheduled before the Court, go to www.3rdcc.org/zoom/civil and click on the green button labeled "Join Meeting" next to Judge Smith's name.

You will enter the waiting room. Participants' display must include you name, case number and client name. If you need to change your display, you must leave the waiting room and make the change in your Zoom settings. There may be a large number of participants in the waiting room at one time and if you are not properly identified, you may not be admitted into the virtual courtroom without the proper information displayed.

If you have difficulties connecting call 313-224-2427 or email JudgeSmith-Court@3rdcc.org
Email is the preferred way to communicate with the Court. Please make sure you include all parties in the case on your email.
The subject line of the email should include the case name and case number. Also include the cellphone number of the contact person, in case Court staff needs to speak with the party.
Judicial Law Clerk, Rebecca Zarras at Rebecca.Zarras@3rdcc.org
Court Clerk, Kimberley Deloach at Kimberley.Deloach@3rdcc.org
Courtroom email address JudgeSmith-Court@3rdcc.org

*If you call the courtroom, your call may not be answered due to staffing limitations. Please send an email or try your call later but do not leave a voicemail.


Conferences shall be conducted remotely via Zoom until further order of the Court. Clients do not need to appear via Zoom but must be available by telephone.

Parties may file a stipulated order to adjourn settlement conference to attend facilitation. Order shall include the name of the facilitator and date scheduled to facilitate.The settlement conference will be adjourned to a date after facilitation. Stipulated order must be filed at least one day prior to the scheduled conference date.

*The date and time for conferences may change, so parties should check the register of action to confirm the date and time for the conference.


*Effective MAY 13, 2022, Oral argument on general motions shall be heard on date and time scheduled on the praecipe unless otherwise advised by the Court.

Preacipes are required for all general motions.

*If you wish to dismiss or adjourn your motion, please email the Court Clerk at Kimberley.Deloach@3rdcc.orgat least one day prior to the praecipe date.

You may confirm a hearing date and time by going to the Court Website at www.3rdcc.org and click on "Zoom Virtual Meeting" in the red box then click on "Civil Division Dockets". Located under Judge Smith's name will be a list of hearing dates and times for that week. If you do not see your case name listed, contact the Court to confirm your hearing date at JudgeSmith-Court@3rdcc.org.

*Hard copies of General Motions are not required.


After you have efiled a Motion for Summary Disposition, email a copy of the motion to the Judicial Law Clerk at Rebecca.Zarras@3rdcc.org. You will be provided with a date and time for oral argument. The moving party shall file a notice of hearing and praecipe with the date and time provided.

Pursuant to MCR 2.116(G) responses (including briefs) must be filed and served at least 7 days before the hearing and replies must be filed and served at least 4 days before the hearing. Response and reply shall be emailed to Rebecca.Zarras@3rdcc.org. IF THE RESPONSE IS NOT TIMELY FILED, the moving party may file an order granting the motion.

If there is a scheduling conflict, the moving party must contact the Judicial Law Clerk within 14 days for a new date and time.

Parties may file a stipulated order to adjourn a hearing date. The stipulated order should be email to the Judicial Law Clerk and a new date for the hearing will be provided. The moving party shall file a notice of hearing with the new date and time of the hearing.

If the moving party wishes to dismiss the motion, you must contact the Judicial Law Clerk within 3 days prior to the hearing date. If the moving party fails to appear for the hearing without notifying the Judicial Law Clerk, the party and/or the party's attorney may be subject to assessment of costs and penalty under MCR 2.119 (E)(4)((b).

The week of the scheduled hearing, you may confirm the hearing by going to 3rdcc.org, click on "Virtual Meeting" in the red box then click on "Civil Division Dockets". Located under Judge Smith's name will be a list of all hearing dates and time. If you do not see your case listed, contact the Judicial Law Clerk at Rebecca.Zarras@3rdcc.org.

Ms. Zenell B. Brown
Executive Court Administrator
(313) 224-5261 711 CAYMC

Executive Assistant:  Jeannette Heacox

Court Services Assistant:  Jalona Colvard

(313) 224-0250 907 CAYMC

907 Coleman A. Young Municipal Center

2 Woodward Ave. 

Detroit, MI 48226-3413

Phone: (313) 224-0250


Judicial Attorney: Rola Khanafer  

Email:  rola.khanafer@3rdcc.org

Courtroom Clerk: Roderick Byrd
Court Reporter: Reba Hooper

(313) 224-4679 1807 CAYMC

2 Woodward Avenue
Room 1807
Detroit, MI 48226

Phone: (313) 224-4679


Courtroom Clerk: Cheryl Bascomb
Law Clerk: Michael Burns
Court Reporter: Teria Carrington 
Deputy: Keilan Nims

(313) 224-5436 1701 CAYMC

Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, Room 1701
2 Woodward Avenue 
Detroit, MI 48226

Phone: (313) 224-5436| Fax: (313) 967-6488


Court Clerk: Nadine Neal
Judicial Attorney: Victoria Lencione (Victoria.lencione@3rdcc.org)
Court reporter: Shelee Beard
Deputy: Ahmad Elzayat

THIS IS A PAPERLESS COURTROOM. A Judge's copy of ALL motions, responses, and replies must be sent to the Court via email  at JudgeElder-Court@3rdcc.org with all counsel copied. The Court WILL NOT consider any response/reply that was not emailed. .

For Motions for Summary Disposition - After filing the motion, please email a Judge's Copy of the motion for summary disposition to JudgeElder-Court@3rdcc.org with all counsel copied. The Court will issue a scheduling order with a firm date and deadlines for responses/replies to be filed.

(313) 224-5195 1411 CAYMC

901 Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
2 Woodward Avenue, Room 1411
Detroit, MI  48226

Phone: (313) 224-5195

Hours: 8:30 am to 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm


Courtroom Clerk: Linda Woods
Secretary: Joanne Gaskin
Court Reporter: Video Courtroom
Deputy: Walter Armstrong

(313) 224-5207 1719 CAYMC

1719 Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
2 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48226

Phone: (313) 224-5207


Courtroom Clerk: Ms. Kimberly Clifton (Kimberly.Clifton@3rdcc.org)

Judicial Assistant/Law Clerk: Ms. Taylor Seals (Taylor.Seals@3rdcc.org)

Court Reporter: Manuwella Jones (Please call (313) 224-0409 for information re: transcripts.)

**Instructions for Zoom Hearings/Meetings:

  1. Go to http://www.3rdcc.org/zoom/civil 
  2. Find Judge Gibson's name and click "Join Meeting"
  3. Re-name yourself, if possible. Phone numbers are discouraged.

If you cannot access the above link you may go to www.3rdcc.org , look for the red bar at the top of the page & click “Zoom Virtual Meetings” then “Civil”. Scroll down to Judge Gibson’s name then click “Join Meeting”.

For telephone access (no video) call 1-646-876-9923 then enter Meeting ID 842 876 2673. The password, if requested is “171900”.

Upon logging in you will automatically be placed in Judge Gibson's Waiting Room. As this is a Court proceeding, professional decorum is expected for ALL Zoom Hearings including, but not limited to, appropriate dress, background view, and NO eating, drinking or gum chewing during the proceedings. Please limit all background noise, distractions and third-party interactions. THERE IS TO BE NO RECORDING OF ZOOM HEARINGS.

On Fridays the Motion Call begins @ 9:45 a.m. You will be admitted then immediately invited to a Breakout Room in order to check-in with the Court Clerk. Afterward, you will be returned to the Waiting Room until your matter is called.


Thank you!

(313) 224-5243 1111 CAYMC

2 Woodward Avenue
Room 1111
Detroit, MI 48226

Phone: (313) 224-5243

Hours 9:00am - 4:30pm. Closed 12:30-2:00pm


Courtroom Clerk: Lisa Rutledge
Law Clerk: Erin Deschamps
Court Reporter: Reba Hooper
Deputy: Takisha O'Bannon


These supersede any conflicting procedures in the main protocol.

At this time, Emailing Jdg Gillis' Administrative Staff should be your 1st option for communication. Do not use the Gillis Courtroom email as this results in ex-parte communications and the message will not be read by the court.


  • All notices are sent from Central Processing indicating "remote" hearings but Jdg Gillis does not do them via ZOOM   

  • JDG GILLIS conducts his settlement conferences via PHONE CONFERENCES between 10:00am - 12:15pm.   The attorneys should initiate a conference call 1st so that all attorneys are already on the call when the courtroom is called to add Jdg Gillis into the call via 313-224-5243.


NEXT AVAILABLE FRIDAY IS FRIDAY APRIL 14,  2023 at 9:00am and according to docket availability.

  • ALL MOTIONS (except for Summary Dispositions motions  --see below): In order to be placed on the docket must

    • Be noticed for a Hearing Date

    • Have an E-Praecipe Filed

    • Have Judge's copy sent (with copy of Notice of Hearing)

    • Judge Gillis does not hold Friday Zoom hearings. Contact the court if oral arguments are needed to obtain a date & time. Otherwise specify the motion is to be heard without oral arguments if scheduled on the Friday docket.

  • Jdg Gillis requires hard copies of all motions. Copies of Responses/Replies that are to be considered also have to be sent.

  • Currently  ALL motions unless indicated otherwise by the Courtroom will be held WITHOUT ORAL ARGUEMENTS.  Your notice of hearing should indicate it is without oral arguments and not just say "Before the Judge in his Courtroom."

  • See Below for Motions that or may require Oral Arguments The hearing dates must be scheduled by the court first. ... 

    • Motions to Approve Settlements

    • Motions for TROs/Injunctions

    • Show Cause HEARINGS (not the motion) are IN PERSON

    • Trial Related Motions including Post Judgment Motions, but excluding Motions to Adjourn Trial

    • Most Default Judgments (21 days notice required)

      • Please note, for default judgements with oral arguments, clients must appear to put testimony on the record or the motion will be rescheduled

  • Jdg Gillis will send out a Praecipe Order with his “ruling”. The moving party should then submit their corresponding order. 

  • If the Court has indicated you motion will be held with oral arguments  the notice of hearing should indicate whether the motion will be via ZOOM (Jdg Gillis Zoom meeting number is 336-293-6551) OR IN PERSON in Courtroom 1111, CAYMC

  • Contact the court regarding scheduling for motions of limine.

  • .

SUMMARY DISPOSTION MOTIONS: Effective Monday, September 26, 2022 

  • Summary Disposition dates are to be filed with notice of hearing indicating "Date To Be Determined by Court.” 

  • AFTER your motion has been officially accepted and filed by Clerk's Office, send Court a hard copy and File an E-Praecipe. 

  • You may use a date a week out from the date you file the E-Praecipe as a place holder date (This applies to E-Praecipes for Summary Disposition motions  ONLY) .

  • You will not be given a scheduling order until the court receives a hard copy. 

  • Your Exhibits to Summary Dispostion motions MUST be tabbed.  Copies set untabbed will not be accepted.  

  • Court will send out a scheduling order.

  • All motions for summary disposition shall be heard no later than 30 days before Trial. No motions for summary dispostion shall be heard on the Trial date.

  • Effective 12/1/22 All motions for summary disposition must be filed no later than 18 months after complaint is filed.

MOTIONS FOR RECONSIDERATION:  Do not get automatic oral arguments so a notice of hearing is not needed but the court must receive the following prior to parties receiving a ruling:

  • A copy of the motion

  • An E-Praeicipe filed for Judge's Use


  • E-Mail the Court Clerk -- Lisa Rutledge at least 48hours prior to the hearing date for all motions except TRIAL related motions. 
  • Address Scheduling or Adjournment of Trial related motions with the Law Clerk -- Erin Deschamps.


  • Jdg Gillis will accept stipulated orders to move to TRACK 2 of the scheduling order. Further adjournment of dates require a motion.
  • Jdg Gillis will accept stipulated orders to extend discovery to the Case Eval day/month.
  • Judge Gillis will no longer sign stip orders or grant motions for parties to facilitate in lieu of case evaluation. Please proceed to your case evaluation as scheduled by MTA

(313) 224-2474 1519 CAYMC

Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, Room 1519
2 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI 48226

Phone: 313-224-2474


Court Clerk: Deborah Royal
Law Clerk: Eric Ratkowski
Court Reporter: Shelee Beard

(313) 224-2444 1007 CAYMC

Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
2 Woodward Avenue, Room 1007
Detroit, MI 48226

Phone: (313) 224-2444


Judge Dana M. Hathaway; Dana.Hathaway@3rdcc.org

PLEASE DO NOT SEND INQUIRES TO THIS EMAIL. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A RESPONSE.  Email is designed for Judge's copies of Dispositive motions, Reconsideration Motions, Final Pre-Trial Orders and Settlement Conference Forms ONLY; JudgeDMHathaway-Court@3rdcc.org

Courtroom Clerk:  Korey Pearson; korey.pearson@3rdcc.org

Judicial Attorney: Lorri Cary; lorri.cary@3rdcc.org

Court Reporter: Reba Hooper

Wayne County Deputy: Chandra Darrisaw

(313) 224-5487 1921 CAYMC

Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, Room 1921
2 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI 48226

Phone: 313-224-5487





Court Clerk: Gaylynn Brooks-Williams
Judicial Attorney: Brian W. Hodgman (P76885) 
Court reporter: Reba Hooper

(313) 224-5225 1011 CAYMC

Room 1011
2 Woodward Ave.
Detroit, MI 48226

Phone: (313) 224-5225


Judicial Assistant: Charmaine Ziegeler

Courtroom Clerk: Ebony Upshaw

Court Reporter: Video Courtroom

Please be patient while we finalize our protocol.   See below for a few basic pieces of information.

General motions will be scheduled on Fridays - no hard copy required

MSD motions will be scheduled on Thursdays - no hard copy required

Please file your MSD motions before the settlement conference date

Settlement conferences:   clients may be available by phone

Judge Heise's Zoom ID is: 524 548 9029

The Court will not provide exhibit stickers.  You may label using numbers or letters

A stipulation is allowed to move from Track 1 to Track 2

(313) 224-5183 1507 CAYMC

2 Woodward Avenue, Room 1507
Detroit, MI 48226

Phone: 313-224-5183/313-224-5185


Court Clerk: Clara Rector clara.rector@3rdcc.org
Judicial Assistant: Amy Rhoades amy.rhoades@3rdcc.org
Court Reporter: Athalia Cargile
Deputy: Corporal Bobby Cook

(313) 224-2415 1421 CAYMC

2 Woodward Avenue
Room 1421
Detroit, MI 48226

Phone Number: (313) 224-2415

Judicial Attorney: (313) 224-6267


Courtroom clerk: Tara Hickman 
Judicial Attorney:
Court reporter: Manuwella Jones

(313) 224-0142 1007 CAYMC

2 Woodward Avenue
Room 1007
Detroit, MI 48226

Phone: 313-224-0142


Court Clerk: Katrina Ross
Secretary: Sydney Adams
Court Reporter: Video


(313) 224-2240 1401 CAYMC

Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
2 Woodward Avenue, Room 1401
Detroit, MI 48226

Phone: (313) 224-2240


Courtroom Clerk: Kim Davis
Judicial Assistant: Ryan Publiski
Court Reporter: Manuwella Jones

(313) 224-5481 913 CAYMC

Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, Room 913 
2 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI 48226

Phone: 313-224-5481

Hours: 8:30 am to 12:30 pm; 2:00 pm to 4:15 pm

Court Clerk: Moira Hartwell
Judicial Assistant: Robert Molnar
Court reporter: Video
Deputy: unassigned

(313) 224-6889 1821 CAYMC

Honorable Martha M. Snow

Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
Two Woodward Avenue, Courtroom 1821 
Detroit, MI  48226

Phone: 313.224.6889

Fax: 313.237.9252


Court Clerk:  JaJuan Williams 
Judicial Attorney:  Lisa Damphousse
Court Reporter:  Sue Kinsey
Deputy:  Corporal Oliver Cross


Settlement Conferences:  Until further notice, Settlement Conferences will be held via Zoom with Judge Snow.  Settlement Conferences will be scheduled in 15 minute increments.  For further details, please scroll down to the bottom of this summary and click on the "Court Protocol" button to access Judge Snow's standard protocol.

Notices of Hearing - for all Motions (dispositive and non-dispositive):  Until further notice, all Notices of Hearing must indicate that the hearing is being conducted via Zoom at the scheduled date and time.  Please also include the following language in your Notices of Hearing: 

    • To join the Zoom hearing, go to www.3rdcc.org/zoom/civil.  Scroll down to "Hon. Martha M. Snow" and click "Join Meeting" at the scheduled date and time.

    • If you have difficulty connecting or need to call in by phone, please call 313.224.6889 for additional details.      

Non-dispositive Motions (Friday motions):  All newly filed non-dispositive motions should be scheduled for April 7thPlease file your motions as usual and submit a praecipe for each motion for   Friday, April 7, 2023, at 10:00 a.m.  CHECK YOUR ACCEPTED PRAECIPE TIME SLOT.  Once accepted, you may be assigned a different time slot.  You will be instructed to file a Re-Notice of Hearing that includes the aforementioned Zoom language as well as your new time slot.

In the event that you no longer need to argue a motion that was previously scheduled or if you would like to request an adjournment, the moving party must contact the clerk, JaJuan Williams, directly at jajuan.williams@3rdcc.org regarding the same. 

Motions for Summary Disposition:  All newly filed motions for summary disposition will follow the usual course of scheduling.  You can review that process on Judge Snow's standard protocol which is linked below.  Please scroll down to the bottom of these updates and click on the "Court Protocol" button to access Judge Snow's standard protocol.  Please continue to mail or hand deliver physical Judge's copies of all motions, responses, and replies to the courthouse as usual.   

Any additional inquiries regarding motions for summary disposition may be sent directly to Lisa at lisa.damphousse@3rdcc.orgPlease copy all attorneys of record on your email in order to avoid any ex parte communications. 

In the event that you no longer need to argue a motion for summary disposition or if you would like to request an adjournment, the moving party must contact Lisa directly at lisa.damphousse@3rdcc.org regarding the same.  Please copy all attorneys of record on your email in order to avoid any ex parte communications. 

Email addresses:      Judicial Attorney, Lisa M. Damphousse      lisa.damphousse@3rdcc.org

                                   Clerk, JaJuan Williams                                 jajuan.williams@3rdcc.org


For all other inquiries, please click below on the "Court Protocol" button which will take you to Judge Snow's standard protocol that is always in place regardless of the temporary court closure.  Thank you. 

(313) 224-2447 1101 CAYMC

Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
2 Woodward Avenue, Room 1101
Detroit, MI  48226

Phone: (313) 224-2447


Secretary: Lynn Wade
Court Clerk:  Matthew Johnson
Court Reporter: Laurie Jefferson
WCS Deputy: Doug Outlaw