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Attorney Access to FOC File Form (FD-FOC 4113)
Packet FD-FOC4033-Transfer Motion
Packet FD-FOC4045-Demand for Health Care Payment
Financial Information Form (FD-FOC4008)
Order Exempting Case
Appearance Form
Criminal Assessments Payment Slips
FOC104 Request To Reopen Friend Of The Court Case
Advice of Rights
Video Conferencing Procedure for William Dickerson Facility
Video Conferencing Procedure for State Appellate Defender's Office (SADO)
Incarcerated Party Special Instructions-MCR 2.004 (FD-FOC4058)
Memo - Crime Victim Assessment and Minimum State Cost Changes
Objections to Garnishment and Notice of Hearing
Notice of Hearing - Generic (FD-FOC4019)
Cert of Mailing-Motion and Notice of Hearing (FD-FOC4020)
Ex Parte Certificate of Conformity
Address and Demographic Change Form (FD-FOC4041)
Notice Regarding Video Conferencing
2012 Wayne County Child Support Report
UCCJEA FORM 10 Child Custody Action Cover Sheet
Collections Inquiry Form
UCCJEA FORM 1 Request (petition) for Determination
UCCJEA FORM 2 Notice of Deficiency
UCCJEA FORM 01 Request (petition) for Determination
UCCJEA FORM 02 Notice of Deficiency
UCCJEA FORM 03 Order of Registration of Foreign Child Custody Determination
UCCJEA FORM 04 Notice of Registration
UCCJEA FORM 05 Confirmation without Hearing
UCCJEA FORM 06 Respondent Notice and Request for Hearing
UCCJEA FORM 07 Confirmation After Hearing
UCCJEA FORM 08 Order Vacating Registration
UCCJEA FORM 09 Verified Petition for Enforcement Under UCCJEA
DCH-0839 - Notice of Order of Filiation
FOC10c Spousal No FOC
FOC10b Spousal with FOC
McKinney Vento Revisions-MDE-8-2013
Strategic Plan
Grand Valley Univ College Tour-roadtripflyer-4-2014
UTools-CPE Flyer Final-2014v2
Foster Care MichiganTeen Conference-2014
Summer Youth Employment Guidance 2014
Summer Youth Employment 2014 Wayne County-Flyer
ETV Complete Application Packet
Tip FactSheet-2013-2014
Uninterrupted Scholars Act
Pathways to Potential 3-26-14
SSG Newsletter - February 2014
Legal Updates Powerpoint 3-26-14
Agenda- Mandatory Attorney Training 3-26-14
DHS College Campus Based Support Programs
FAFSA Form Now A Prompt For Foster Youth Assistance-3-2014
Statistics- Educational Planning Youth County Data July 2013
Student Loan Forms Are Still A Nightmare-3-2014
Third Circuit Court-Legal Updates 2014
DHS Community Presentations 3-27-2014
Stipulation to Abate Support (FD-FOC4572)
FD-FOC 4052 Parenting Time and Custody Enforcement Request
Wayne County Make-Up Parenting Time Policy
Business Court Verification and Assignment Form MRJ
Memo to Contractors Regarding Payment Schedule
Notice Regarding Judgment Fees
FD-FOC 4145 Judge Praecipe
Juvenile Affidavit and Financial Statement
Instructions and Petition for Restoration of Rights
Application for IV-D Services (DHS-1201D)
Family Information Questionnaire
Direct Deposit Enrollment Form for Court Contractors and Vendors Only
Packet FD-FOC4136 Request for a Telephonic Hearing
Verified Statement and 1201-D Application for Child Support Services
Form 118 Juvenile Installment Payment Agreement
Claim of Appeal on Application for Concealed Pistol License (CC 79)
Order Following Appeal on Application for Concealed Pistol License (CC 80)
Auto Neg Addendum to Scheduling Order
FOC10a Uniform Child Support Order-NO FOC Services effective January 1, 2017
FOC10 Uniform Child Support Order-WITH FOC Services effective January 1, 2017
FOC10d Uniform Child Support Order Deviation Addendum effective January 1, 2017
UIFSA Filing Notice (FD-FOC 4134)
Affidavit and Order Suspension of Fees and Costs
Criminal Predecessor List
3CC MC12 Request and Writ for Garnishment - Proof of Service
3CC MC14 Garnishee Disclosure Form
3CC MC14 Garnishee Disclosure Garnishee Calculation Sheet
3CC MC48 Final Statement
Victim Information Sheet
3CC MC49 Objections to Garnishment
3CC MC50 Garnishment Release
FD-FOC4064 Friend of the Court Handbook
Child Support Disclosure Form - Civil (FD-FOC4129)
Child Support Disclosure Form - Criminal (FD-FOC4128)
FD-FOC 4127 State Discharge of Arrearage
FD-FOC 4156 Injured Spouse Waiver Form
FD-FOC 4200 Motion to Adjust Arrears Upon Completion of Payment Plan
FD-FOC 4124 Motion to Address General Financial Issues
FD-FOC 4100 Motion for a Payment Plan
FD-FOC 4035 Motion to Change Support
FD-FOC 4031 Motion to Change Parenting Time
FD-FOC 4030 Motion for a Referee Hearing
FD-FOC 4029 Objections to an Ex Parte Order
FD-FOC 4022 Request for Access to FOC Records
FD-FOC 4018 Motion to Change Custody
FD-FOC 4004 FOC Praecipe
Collections Policy and Procedures
FOC 1a FOC Grievance
Contractor and Vendor Payment Schedule
Schedule of Attorney Fee Payments
FOC Service Hours and Locations
Reschedule Referee Motion Hearing Form (FD-FOC4125)
Reschedule Referee Motion Hearing Form (FD-FOC4125)
3CC MC12 Writ of Garnishment
FD-FOC 4150 Outreach Flyer
2018 Federal Poverty Guidelines
W9 Taxpayer ID and Certification
Packet FD-FOC4038-Motion to Set Aside Order of Filiation (DP Case)
Packet FD-FOC4021-Motion to Set Aside Affidavit or Acknowledgment of Parentage (DS Case)
Packet FD-FOC4037 General Motion-Judge Hearing
Certificate on Behalf of Plaintiff Regarding Ex Parte Interim Support Order
Referee Hearing Schedules
Transcript Request Form (FD-FOC4060)
FOC100 Domestic Relations Judgment Information
MC 21 Case Inventory Addendum
MC 21 Case Inventory Addendum