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Friend of the Court

Important Updates

Effective Monday, April 20, 2020, the Family Division-Domestic Relations Section location at Coleman A. Young Municipal Center will be closed to the public until further notice. See the following links for updates on operations during this time:

In Pro Per

FOC10c Spousal No FOC
FOC10b Spousal with FOC
FD-FOC 4140 Wayne County Make-Up Parenting Time Policy
FD-FOC 4022 Request for Access to FOC Records
FOC100 Domestic Relations Judgment Information
FOC104 Request To Reopen Friend Of The Court Case
FOC23 Verified Statement 6.19 and DHS-1201D Application for IVD Services
MC20 Fee Waiver Request
FDFOC 4029 Objection to Ex Parte Order and Proof of Service - eFiling
FDFOC 4030 Motion for a Referee Hearing - eFiling
FD-FOC 4045 Complaint for Health Care Expenses
FOC 10 Uniform Child Support Order WITH FOC Services
FOC 10a Uniform Child Support Order NO FOC Services
FOC10d Uniform Child Support Order Deviation Addendum
FDFOC 4052 Request for Parenting Time or Custody Enforcement - eFiling
FD-FOC 4164 Complaint for Custody Due to Juvenile Proceedings - eFiling
FD-FOC 4165 Motion for Change in Custody Due to Juvenile Court Proceedings - eFiling
FD-FOC 4163 Complaint for Paternity Due to Juvenile Proceedings - eFiling
FDFOC 4021 Motion to Set Aside DS- efiling
FDFOC 4038 Motion to Set Aside DP-efiling
FDFOC 4037 Generic Motion before Judge - eFiling
FDFOC 4018 Motion to Change Custody - eFiling
FDFOC 4031 Motion to Change Parenting Time - eFiling
FDFOC 4200 Motion to Adjust Arrears Upon Completion of Payment Plan - eFiling
FDFOC 4124 Motion for General Financial Issues - eFiling
FDFOC 4035 Motion to Modify Child Support - eFiling
FDFOC 4033 Motion to Transfer Case to Another County - eFiling
FDFOC 4100 Motion for Payment Plan - eFiling