Friend of the Court

In Pro Per

FD-FOC 4033 Transfer Motion
FD-FOC 4045 Demand for Health Care Payment
FOC104 Request To Reopen Friend Of The Court Case
FOC10c Spousal No FOC
FOC10b Spousal with FOC
FD-FOC 4052 Parenting Time and Custody Enforcement Request
FD-FOC 4140 Wayne County Make-Up Parenting Time Policy
FD-FOC 4136 Request for Telephonic Hearing
FOC23 Verified Statement and DHS-1201D Application for IV-D Child Support Services
FOC10d Uniform Child Support Order Deviation Addendum effective January 1, 2017
FD-FOC 4200 Motion to Adjust Arrears Upon Completion of Payment Plan
FD-FOC 4124 Motion to Address General Financial Issues
FD-FOC 4100 Motion for a Payment Plan
FD-FOC 4035 Motion to Change Support
FD-FOC 4030 Motion for a Referee Hearing
FD-FOC 4029 Objections to an Ex Parte Order
FD-FOC 4022 Request for Access to FOC Records
FD-FOC 4018 Motion to Change Custody
FD-FOC 4038 Motion to Set Aside Order of Filiation (DP Case)
FD-FOC 4021 Motion to Set Aside Affidavit or Acknowledgment of Parentage (DS Case)
FD-FOC 4037 General Motion - Judge Hearing
FOC100 Domestic Relations Judgment Information
MC20 Fee Waiver Request
FOC 10 Uniform Child Support Order WITH FOC Services effective January 1 2019
FOC 10a Uniform Child Support Order NO FOC Services effective January 1 2019
FD-FOC 4163 Complaint for Paternity Due to Juvenile Proceedings
FD-FOC 4164 Complaint for Custody Due to Juvenile Proceedings
FD-FOC 4165 Motion for Change in Custody Due to Juvenile Court Proceedings
FD-FOC 4031 Motion to Change Parenting Time