How Do I Enforce My Parenting Time

If you are claiming that the other parent wrongfully denied your parenting time or is not following the schedule the Court ordered, you need to enforce your parenting time order. To do this, you should file a Request for Parenting Time Enforcement (form FD/FOC 4052). A copy of the Order you are trying to enforce must be attached to the form.

  • The form is available electronically (FD/FOC 4052) or at the Friend of the Court Information Services Department, 645 Griswold, Detroit MI 48226. We are located on the 1st floor of the Penobscot Building.
  • File the form and supporting documents in the Domestic Clerk's Office, Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, Room 201.
  • There is no fee to file this request.
  • After you file the Request, you must take two sets of copies of your request and supporting documents to the FOC Scheduling Office in CAYMC Room 900A.
  • The FOC Scheduling Office will schedule a hearing within four (4) weeks with the Parenting Time Referee.
  • The Referee may refer both of you to an on-site mediator to resolve your disagreement about parenting time.
  • If the other party does not show up for the hearing, you can ask the Referee to have the case reviewed for an Order to Show Cause against the other parent.
  • The Referee also may recommend that an Order to Show Cause be issued against the other parent at the hearing to be heard by a Judge.
  • An Order to Show Cause will not be issued to address minor parenting time disputes.

You may contact the Friend of the Court Customer Service Department at 1-844-785-7593 or email the FOC at FOC-Help@3rdcc.org for further information.