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Contact Numbers

Contact Information
Phone Number
To speak with a Friend of the Court Customer Service Representative
Interactive Voice Response System
1-877-543-2660 or by phone: (313) 224-5295
E-mail or telephone for use by the private bar with case related inquiries.
Fax Numbers
Fax Number
FOC Main Fax
(313) 237-9290
Mail FOC e-mail address and fax number. E-mails and faxes received will be directed to the appropriate department within the FOC for processing.
Case Closure
(313) 237-9286
Fax documentation in response to a case closure notice.
Case Establishment
(313) 237-9303
Prejudgment matters for Paternity, Family Support and Interstate cases.
Court Clerical Services Department
(313) 237-9268
Parties to send agreement for adjournments and requests for telephonic hearings for Out-of-State parties.
Customer Service
(313) 237-9202
(313) 237-9243
Enforcement requests, new employment information.
Felony Non-support
(313) 237-9305
Felony non-support program referrals.
FOC Executive Office
(313) 224-5271
Fax communications with the Executive Office, legislative contacts, FOC grievances, and inquiries from the State Court Administrative Office.
Interstate Support
(313) 237-9230
Interstate support referrals post judgment.
(313) 967-3587
Faxes for FOC Attorneys.
(313) 237-9315
Modification Review
(313) 237-9316
Fax information regarding modification review notices and pending divorce investigations.
Order Entry
(313) 237-9273
Fax Court Orders for data entry in MiCSES.
(313) 237-9291