Juvenile Referee Department

Under the general direction of the Chief Referee, the Family Division Referee ensures the efficient disposition of cases by conducting hearings and rendering recommendations in Family Division cases with diligence, respect, and professionalism and in accordance with the law and Court policies.

(313) 833-0136 230 B LHJ

Shawntrice Carter, Administrative Assistant


Referee Intake Department (313) 833-1968

(313) 833-0797 1-K LHJ
Lisa Howard, Court Clerk

(313) 833-0597 1-H LHJ
Tanya Mack, Court Clerk

(313) 833-2858 1-J LHJ

Karen Graves, Court Clerk

(313) 833-0598 1-L LHJ

John Giurlanda, Court Clerk

Referee Dawn Hoffmann
(313) 833-1877 B LHJ

(313) 833- LHJ
Court Clerk

(313) 833-0650 1-C LHJ
Sonya Ogu, Clerk

(313) 833-0645 1-I LHJ
Demetrice Greene-Luckey, Clerk

(313)833-0595 1-B LHJ
Pat Nunn, Court Clerk

(313) 833-3491 1-F LHJ
Thea Miller, Clerk

(313) 833-0644 1-E LHJ
Janet Nesbit, Court Clerk

(313) 833-1968 248 B LHJ
TBA, Clerk