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  1. Can my family receive services if my child is not on Intensive Probation?
  2. What is a psychological assessment?
  3. What is a psychological assessment for?
  4. What do we (or my child) have to do during a psychological assessment?
  5. How long does an assessment take?
  6. What is a status offense?
  7. Can I lock my child up in the juvenile detention facility?
  8. Why do I have to meet with so many people when my child is placed on Intensive Probation?
  9. Why does my child have a case manager and a probation officer?
  10. How often does my child have to report to my probation officer?
  11. How long will my child be on Intensive Probation?
  12. What happens if my child violates Intensive Probation?
  13. If my child has to be on tether who do I check with, the case manager or the probation officer?
  14. How long does it take to get my child on tether?
  15. How long will my child remain on tether?
  16. Who installs and removes the tether?
  17. What is the cost for tethering my child?