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Virtual Courtroom Meeting

Important: Use of Cell Phones or Electronic Devices During Virtual Court Hearings
  • There shall be no recording of court proceedings without the Judge’s or Referee’s permission.
  • Virtual court hearings are subject to the same rules as hearings conducted within a courtroom or referee hearing room. See MCR 8.115.
  • All cell phones and electronic devices must be on silence.
  • There shall be no recording or photographing of people in the courthouse, which includes the virtual court hearing, without their consent.
  • No one shall use a cell phone or other portable electronic device to communicate in any way with any courtroom participant including, but not limited to, a party, a witness, or juror at any time during any court proceedings.

Monday May 10, 2021

Daily Docket A
9:00 AM
Other Matters
20-005091-01 Willie Clark Pre-Trial
21-000968-01 Willie Clark Pre-Trial
21-000741-01 Jennifer Woodward Final Conference
21-000742-01 Jennifer Woodward Final Conference
20-003407 Quincy Perry-Lockett Pre-Trial
19-008455-01 Gregory Watkins Final Conference
20-003820-01 Shawn Knox Calendar Conference
20-004209-01 Shawn Knox Calendar Conference
20-002086-01 Jesse Johnson Final Conference
19-006802-01 Kristen Davis AOI
19-003864-01 Mario Hernandez VOP hearing
20-002955-01 Darese Haile Motion
21-000841-01 Darese Haile Motion
21-002602-01-FH Deandre White AOI
21-002603-01-FH Markesha Lewis AOI
21-002607-01-FH James Fry, Jr. AOI
21-002683-01-FH Brandon Hatfield AOI
21-002684-01-FH Benjamin Bud AOI
21-002685-01-FH Benjamin Bud AOI
21-002677-01 Jonathan Rumph AOI
19-002295-01-FH Chad Murphy VOP
19-002673-01-FH Chad Murphy VOP
20-004122-01-FC Maurice Saffold Sentencing

Daily Docket B
9:00 AM
Other Matters
21-002037-01-FH Christian Lowe Calendar Conference
20-005156-01-FC Christian Lowe Final Conference
18-007227-01-FH Christian Lowe VOP
18-008628-01-FH Christian Lowe VOP
20-000036-01-FH Christian Lowe VOP
18-009319-01-FH Timothy Migliaccio VOP
21-001311-01-FH William Bailey Calendar Conference
20-004938-01-FH William Benson Pre-Trial
21-000457-01-FH William Benson Pre-Trial
20-003072-01-FH Desmine Gallimore Pre-Trial
20-001885-01-FC Desmine Gallimore Pre-Trial
19-002218-01-FH Desmine Gallimore VOP
19-008044-01-FH Desmine Gallimore Final Conference
19-008081-01-FH Desmine Gallimore Final Conference
20-004302-01-FC Tyjon Hites Pre-Trial
20-001448-01-FC Samuel Johnson Review Date
20-005118-01-FH Timothy Komendera Calendar Conference
18-008922-01-FH Robert Jones Calendar Conference
18-008923-01-FH Robert Jones Calendar Conference
20-004997-01-FH Desean Moore Sentencing
21-000642-01-FH Juan Patterson Motion Hearing
20-002692-01-FH Juan Patterson Pre-Trial
19-007857-01-FC Gregg Restum Motion Hearing
19-007820-01-FH Gregg Restum Motion Hearing
19-008708-01-FC George Robinson Review Date
21-001328-01-FH Rico Simmons Calendar Conference
19-008708-02-FC Walter Whitner Review Date
19-009419-01-FH Stevonte Gilbert VOP

Daily Docket C
1:00 PM
Other Matters
20-000591-01 Brian Blalock Pre-trial
21-001552-01 Lorenzo Carr Calendar Conference
21-002571-01 Deneko Childs Calendar Conference
20-004218-01 Quay Clark Pre-trial
21-000478-01 Chad Haney Pre-trial
21-002229-01 Bernard Rutherford Calendar Conference
21-002586-01-FC Deterrio Williams AOI
21-002587-01-FC Djuan Powell AOI
21-000037-01-FH Devonte Brumbill Tether
19-008955-01-FH Amanda Fleisig VOP
17-004442-01-FH Montez Cochran VOP
17-003150-01-FC Elighawon Ellis VOP
17-007879-01-FH Rashi Washington VOP
16-008333-01-FH Gloria Perry VOP
16-006740-01-FH Cornelius Henderson FTA
21-002286-01-FH Keith Toliver AOI
21-002315-01-FH Brandon Jackson AOI
21-002668-01-FC Naray Barnes AOI

Daily Docket D
1:00 PM
Other Matters
21-002544-01-FH Baraino Jamison Calendar Conference
21-001329-01-FC James Johnson Final Conference/Motion Hearing
19-002861-01-FC William Skinner Final Conference/Motion Hearing MDOC
20-002586-01-FH Ryan Robertson Review Date
15-000598-01-FC Frederick Biles Pre-Trial MDOC
21-000486-01-FC Rashidi Cooper Final Conference
21-000486-02-FC Daquan Moore Final Conference
19-000610-01-FH Katherine Duncan VOP
16-004781-01-FH Stanley Cook Show Cause
16-001316-01-FH Kimberly Richardson VOP
21-000576-01-FH Cody Johnson Final Conference MDOC
20-002681-01-FC Damarco Phillips-Johnson Final Conference
21-001454-01-FH Marlon Conley Final Conference
21-001455-01-FH Marlon Conley Final Conference
18-004291-01-FH Michael Wilson Violation Hearing
19-003471-01-FH Demetrian Hall FTA
21-002487-01-FC Stacey Turner AOI
20-004475-01-FH James Rogers Final Conference
20-000915-01-FH Justin Lohman Motion Hearing
21-002584-01-FC Eugene Lemons AOI
21-002686-01-AS Isiah Thomas Witness Detainer
21-002428-01-FH Terrence McLemore AOI
16-001697-01-FH Ronald Curry Violation Hearing
21-002484-01-FH Caleb Sosa Calendar Conference
18-009883-01-FH Stephen Tyler VOP

In-Person Hearings

12:15 pm 20-002978-02-FH Jessie Rosenick SentencingLive Streaming for Judge Van Houten

1:00 pm 20-003842-01-FH Marcus Watson SentencingLive Streaming for Judge Van Houten

1:00 pm 20-000379-01-FH Frank Bernoudy SentencingLive Streaming for Judge Van Houten