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The Zoom information for your case may have changed. Please see below for updated Zoom information.
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If dialing into the Zoom meeting by phone only, call (312) 626-6799 with the meeting id which can be found here.
Important: Use of Cell Phones or Electronic Devices During Virtual Court Hearings
  • There shall be no recording of court proceedings without the Judge’s or Referee’s permission.
  • Virtual court hearings are subject to the same rules as hearings conducted within a courtroom or referee hearing room. See MCR 8.115.
  • All cell phones and electronic devices must be on silence.
  • There shall be no recording or photographing of people in the courthouse, which includes the virtual court hearing, without their consent.
  • No one shall use a cell phone or other portable electronic device to communicate in any way with any courtroom participant including, but not limited to, a party, a witness, or juror at any time during any court proceedings.
Referee Tracey Martin The juvenile docket formerly assigned to Referee Martin will now be heard by Referee Brian Johnson.
Referee Kathleen Allen The juvenile docket formerly assigned to Referee Allen will now be heard by either Referees Lisa Winer, Anthony Crutchfield, Laura Kellett.
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Hon. Cylenthia LaToye Miller
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