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News & Announcements

Press Release - Mock Trial Solicitation

Apr 09, 2021

For Immediate Release


Contact: Zenell B. Brown, Executive Court Administrator
  (313) 224-2236
Subject: Mock Trial Solicitation


Detroit, MI – The Third Circuit Court learned today that has posted notices inviting “Residents of Wayne County to participate in a Virtual Jury Project to be conducted by online videoconference on Saturday, April 17 or Sunday, April 18.” It is unclear from the solicitation whether this solicitation applies to residents of Wayne County, Michigan or one of the other 15 counties named Wayne throughout the United States.

The Third Circuit Court in Wayne County, Michigan has no connection with this project and was not advised about efforts to reach Wayne County residents to participate in the project. Please note that the Virtual Jury Project solicitation has no connection with jury service with the Third Circuit Court.

Verdict Services, Inc., acting as, produced this solicitation. Verdict Services, Inc., a Georgia corporation, is a trial services company. It provides clients with mock trials, focus groups, and online surveys in anticipation of possible trials. Services like mock trials, focus groups, and online surveys may assist attorneys prepare for trial and advise their clients on the risks and issues associated with a case.

The Virtual Jury Project is entirely unrelated to the system of summoning jurors for trials used by the Third Circuit Court. Participation with the Mock Trial Solicitation does not excuse any Wayne County residents from jury service at the Third Circuit Court. The Third Circuit Court does not endorse this process.

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