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State of Emergency - Civil Division Operations

May 12, 2020


     In further compliance with Governor Whitmer's declared State of Emergency and pursuant to the Michigan Supreme Court Administrative Orders and MCR 8.110(3)(a) and (b), Chief Judge Timothy M. Kenny hereby orders as follows:

This order shall apply only to Civil Division and Business Court.

  1. Remote Operations: Judges of the Civil Division and Business Court shall continue to work remotely and all Civil matters shall be handled remotely. Until further order of the Court, the public and media will be excluded from the courtrooms, but will have access to all court proceedings via YouTube. Access to YouTube for court proceedings will be available on the Court's website: https://www.3rdcc.org. Attorneys shall check the Civil Division Section for Protocol for Remote Civil Division Operations.
  2. Scheduling Orders: Parties may submit a stipulated order to change scheduling order tracks as follows: cases currently on Track 1 to Track 2; cases currently on Track 2 to Track 3; cases currently on Track 3 to adjourn deadlines up to 90 days. If any party objects to an adjournment as described above, the party proposing an adjournment may file a motion to adjourn. If no adjournment is needed the parties need not take any action.
  3. Jury Trials: All jury trials currently scheduled before September 1, 2020 are adjourned until further notice. Parties will receive information regarding rescheduling the jury trial after the court resumes full operation.
  4. Previously Scheduled Matters: All other matters scheduled between March 16, 2020 and May 18, 2020 shall be adjourned unless otherwise directed by the assigned judge.
  5. Business Court Status Conferences: Business Court Status Conferences shall be adjourned until at least May 18, 2020. The Court directs new status conference dates for the case shall be obtained from the assigned business court judge's clerk within 28 days after May 18, 2020 by the parties after conferring with each other, unless otherwise directed by the assigned business court judge.
  6. Zoom Conferencing: Conferences, motions, and hearings will be conducted via Zoom Video and/or Telephone Conferencing at a date and time set by the judge with notice to the parties.
  7. Motion Calls: Remote Motion Calls for the Civil Division and Business Court shall resume May 29, 2020. Motions filed before March 13, 2020 must be re-praeciped. Oral argument may be waived pursuant to MCR 2.119(E)(3), unless otherwise directed by the assigned judge.
  8. Urgent and Case Related Matters: Email the assigned Judge's JA with respect to any urgent or case related matters. JAs' email addresses are listed in the Protocol for the Remote Operations of the Civil Division.

Attorneys are encouraged to refer to the Protocol for the Remote Operations of the Civil Division

The Protocol can be found on the Third Circuit Court Website - https://www.3rdcc.org - under "Division", "Civil"


May 11, 2020

Hon. Timothy M. Kenny
Chief Judge
Third Judicial Circuit Court


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