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News & Announcements

State of Emergency - Family Domestic Division

Mar 26, 2020


The Chief Judge, acting pursuant to MCR 8.110(C)(2)(c) and (3)(C) and recognizing the states of emergency declared by the President and the Governor, hereby orders that the Third Judicial Circuit of Michigan (Third Circuit Court) shall remain open to address the following essential operations:

  • Any party having matters in the Family Domestic Division of the Third Circuit Court may file a pleading, emergency or non-emergency, with the Wayne County Clerk's Office.
  • If a pleading is submitted as an emergency motion, the pleading should clearly note "Emergency Motion" on the cover page of the pleading. Once the pleading has been filed with the County Clerk and a copy returned to the party. The emergency pleading should be taken to the Emergency Judge for the Family Domestic Division.
  • The Emergency Judge will review the pleading and determine whether the matter is an emergency requiring immediate action. If it is determined to be a non-emergency, the pleading will be handled when resources permit.

March 26. 2020
Hon. Timothy M. Kenny
Chief Judge
Third Judicial Circuit Court of Michigan

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