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Press Release - Accessing Wayne County Friend of the Court Information during the State of Emergency

Mar 17, 2020

For Immediate Release

Contact: Zenell B. Brown, Executive Court Administrator
Erin Lincoln, Deputy Court Administrator – Friend of the Court
(313) 224-6639
Subject: Accessing Wayne County Friend of the Court Information during the State of Emergency


Detroit, MI – The Third Circuit Court is only open for essential services during the current State of Emergency. During this time, Friend of the Court referee and show cause hearings are canceled. Parties will receive notice by mail of the rescheduled hearing date.

Support payments will continue to be disbursed by the Michigan State Disbursement Unit (MiSDU). The following options are available to access child support services:

  • The public may receive information about their child support case by contacting the Wayne County Friend of the Court Call Center at (844) 785-7593. The Call Center has a courtesy call back feature for your convenience. Payment only information may be obtained by contacting the MiSDU at (877) 543-2660.
  • A parent or guardian may request to start a Friend of the Court Case by calling (866) 540-0008.
  • The public may ask questions and access information about their Friend of the Court case online at www.michigan.gov/michildsupport. Limited staff will be responding to MiChildSupport inquiries.
  • Respondents with child support bench warrants may call (313) 224-4066 to attempt to resolve their warrant telephonically.
  • Attorneys may direct their inquiries to the FOC Attorney Line by leaving a voicemail at (313) 224-5295 or email at focattorneyline@3rdcc.org. This line is for attorneys only. Limited staff will be responding to FOC Attorney Line inquiries.
  • The public may sign up for reminders about upcoming hearings by signing up for Case Reminder Service at www.3rdcc.org/CaseReminderService.
  • Friend of the Court motion forms and information are available on our website at www.3rdcc.org.
  • Child support payments may be made:

Updates as to any Wayne County Friend of the Court services will be posted at 3rdcc.org. For other Friend of the Court and Domestic Relations inquiries, please call (313) 224-6639.

Please stay healthy and safe.

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