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3rd Judicial Circuit Court e-Filing Update

Mar 09, 2018

MiFILE Michigan's Statewide E-Filing Initiative

The 3rd Judicial Circuit Court e-Filing program is now live on MiFILE, Michigan's statewide e-Filing program. MiFILE uses TrueFiling, a 24/7 web-based e-File and e-Service solution for courts, law firms, attorneys, and self-represented filers.  Please review the following important information.

  • During the transition to the new e-Filing program, the Court asks for your patience with respect to the processing of filings. Orders are being routed to the Court Clerk upon receipt.  All other filings are being processed as quickly as possible in the order received. Additional steps are being reviewed and implemented to shorten processing time. 
  • To confirm that your documents have been submitted, go to the MiFILE History page and click on your filing.


Note: If you resubmit documents and paid a duplicate fee, you will need an order from the judge to obtain a refund of the duplicate fee paid.

  • With the implementation of the new system, the submitted date will appear as the filing time stamp. Filing deadlines are extended to midnight.  (Documents filed after midnight will be filed as of 8:00 am on the next business day if they are accepted.)
  • If you have not yet attended a MiFILE training session, you may register here. Videos and guides are available as a supplement to training at mifile.info/resources/.
  • For technical questions or support, please call 855-959-8868 or e-mail Support@TrueFiling.com.

Visit www.courts.mi.gov/efiling and social media channels for general information and FAQs about MiFILE.  Additional details about MiFILE can be found here.  If you require further information or have questions, contact the State Court Administrative Office at efiling@courts.mi.gov.

State Court Administrative Office
Hall of Justice
925 W. Ottawa Street
Lansing, Michigan 48915