January 2015
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The Year In Review


Chief Judge Robert Colombo




In 2014, my first year as Chief Judge, there have been many changes and accomplishments.   Four new judges, Thomas C. Cameron, Alexis A. Glendening, Catherine L. Heise, and Edward J. Joseph, were appointed by Governor Rick Snyder to our court.  The Court also lost due to retirement Judges Susan D. Borman, Michael James Callahan, Amy Hathaway, Vera Massey Jones, Arthur J. Lombard, and Robert L. Ziolkowski.  On January 1, 2015, Judge Shannon Walker joined the Court's Criminal Division.


The past year also brought a new Executive Court Administrator Zenell Brown, Friend of the Court Kent Weichmann, General Counsel Richard Lynch, and Chief Financial Officer Violet Leonard.


The four divisions of the court, Civil, Criminal, Family, and Juvenile have managed the dockets in an efficient manner and improved case flow.


The Friend of the Court provided more services with less people than any other Friend of the Court in the State of Michigan.


The Third Judicial Circuit Court has had a productive year in many different areas.  One goal of the Court was to improve collections and this occurred in both the Criminal and Juvenile Divisions.  In the Juvenile Division, a Collections Unit was added to determine indigency and to obtain non-indigent parties agreement to payment plans.  In 2015, the Court is looking to expand its Collection Unit to the Criminal Division.


Jury management and delivery of jury services was also an important project in the past year.  A new jury system was implemented in the fall of 2013 and into 2014.  Juror utilization was decreased by requiring trial courts to verify the day before a scheduled jury trial that it would actually go.  Juror demographics have been satisfactory under the new system.  In October, the Court scheduled show cause hearings for jurors who did not appear for service.  With the assistance of the media, the Court was able to send a message to the public that juror service is an important civic obligation and it should not be avoided. 


Significant changes have occurred with respect to Court Reporting Services.  Nine Family Division judges and eight Civil Division judges operated audio/video recording systems.  Recording systems were used by the Friend of the Court referees.  In 2015, recording systems will be implemented for the Juvenile Division referees.


The use of electronic filing in the Civil Division continued to grow.  The Court sought to have E-Filing expanded to the asbestos docket in the Civil Division and to the Criminal and Family Divisions.  Due to issues regarding funding E-Filing and whether there should be a State-administered E-Filing system, the State Court Administrative Office has not allowed expansion of E-Filing.  However, the Court has continued to move towards a paperless system.  The Document Share Program allows district courts to electronically file exam transcripts, appeal transcripts, and court files.  A pilot project was established to use Document Share for discovery in criminal cases.  The Court also has a pilot program to electronically move Friend of the Court Referee recommendation orders to Family Division judges.  The implementation of the Odyssey Case Management System in the Juvenile Division is to occur in October, 2015.  The Court is also looking to implement electronic processing of payments for attorneys representing indigent defendants in the Criminal Division.


An Annual Report for the year 2013 was issued by the Court.  It was the first Annual Report since the 2008 Annual Report.


To make visitor and juror experiences more comfortable, improvements have also been made to the central jury room in CAYMC, the jury rooms attached to courtrooms in CAYMC and FMHJ, courtrooms in CAYMC, and the administrative offices of the court in CAYMC.


The Third Judicial Circuit Court looks forward to a productive year in 2015 and to improve services for all court users.

The Court Welcomes
Hon. Shannon Nicole Walker

As Chief Judge, I am pleased to announce that on January 1, 2015, Shannon Nicole Walker will join the Criminal Division bench of Third Judicial Circuit of Michigan.


Judge Walker is originally from Columbus, Ohio.   She graduated from Wilberforce University in 1994 and Thomas M. Cooley Law School in 2002.


Judge Walker began her legal career as a public defender at Legal Aid & Defenders Association, Inc., and prior to being elected, she served as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney at the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office.   As an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, she was assigned to specialized units such as the Child and Family Abuse Unit and the Special Operations/Community Prosecution.


Judge Walker is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and the Black Women Lawyers Association. 


She is also the proud mother of two beautiful daughters.


Please welcome Judge Shannon Nicole Walker as the newest member of our distinguished bench.


Chief Judge Robert Colombo



Michigan Legal Help 
Self-Help Center 

The Michigan Legal Help Self-Help Center of Wayne County helps residents of Detroit and Wayne County who are unable to afford an attorney.   The Self-Help Center is now located in Smart Detroit, Suite 1300 of the Penobscot Building, at 645 Griswold in Detroit.  
The Self-Help Center is now open Monday through Thursday from 9:00am to 4:00pm.


Every second  Thursday  of each month the William Booth Legal Aid Clinic from 12:00pm to 2:00pm located on the

 7th floor Coleman A, Young Center.


Lawyers will assist with preparations of FOC motions.
Please arrive early.  First come first serve.   Please call 313-224-5300 for further information.

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The Court has joined in the social media trend. We are on Facebook and want to connect with people in the county through social media.  Our weekly and monthly programs can now be viewed on our Facebook Fan Page.  

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Free Child Support Help 



Friday, January 16, 2015 

9:00am - 3:00pm



The U.A.W. Region 1A Vote Center

15140 Livernois, Detroit MI 48238


Child support professionals will answer account questions.   Please call (313) 224-5300 for further information.




24 Hour Support 


Friend of the Court offers 24 hour access to your account through MICase.  

Click the photo above to visit our website or visit  www.MICASE.STATE.MI.US


The Wayne County Friend of the Court is located at 645 Griswold, Detroit, MI 48226.  Parents may sign up for Micase to get child support information online,   If you need further assistance, the Wayne County Friend of the Court Call Center may be reached at

(313) 224-5300.


Term of Service

Wayne County jury service is a "one day/one trial" term of service. If you are selected to serve on a trial, you will serve only for the duration of that one trial. Average length of a trial is three (3) to four (4) days. Jurors not selected or not involved in a continuing selection at the end of the day will complete their service at the end of the day that they report.

The Coleman A. Young Building has free public access to WiFi.

2015 Court Holiday Schedule


New Year's Day

Thursday, January 1

Martin Luther King Day

Monday, January 19

President's Day

Monday, February 16


** ( Partial list .  Click on Holiday Schedule to view the complete 2015 Court Holiday Schedule.)

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