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The Third Circuit Court Diversity and Inclusion Team's Mission: "We appreciate our common connection and respect our diverse and unique human experiences. We move forward as an inclusive organization as we provide accessible and equal justice."


The Court's Diversity & Inclusion Team strives to ensure the values of its diverse bench, staff, and court users are acknowledged and reflected in our delivery of service as well as our work environment.


In that spirit, the team creates and shares a monthly list of various holidays and observations along with some celebration suggestions. We invite our work community and the community at large to contribute.


APRIL 2021


April Fools' Day - April 1

Good Friday - April 2

Easter - April 4

Last Day of Passover - April 4

National Siblings Day - April 10

Hindi New Year - April 12

Ramadan Starts - April 13

Ram Navami - April 21

Earth Day - April 22

Day of Silence - April 23


National Arab American Heritage Month

National Autism Awareness Month

National Child Abuse Awareness Month

National Donate Life Awareness Month

National Parkinson's Awareness Month

National Volunteer Month

Celebrate Diversity Month

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Scottish-American Heritage Month

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month



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Celebrate Diversity Month

April 1 - 30, 2021


April is Diversity Month, a time to recognize and celebrate other cultures and populations. This month, take time to recognize the diversity in your workplace, school, or home. By celebrating the unique cultures, backgrounds, and traditions of others, we can gain a greater appreciation for the diversity that surrounds us. 


Here are four ways to celebrate Diversity Month: (1) watch a multicultural or foreign film, (2) attend a cultural exhibit, (3) play music from around the world, and (4) support minority-owned businesses.





Stress Awareness Month

April 1 - 30, 2021


Stress can be debilitating, and it can cause and/or aggravate health problems. And since stress is a normal part of human existence - nobody is immune to it - it's important to arm ourselves with knowledge so that we recognize when stress rears its ugly head. (Amazingly, we don't always notice it's happening to us.) Stress Awareness Month happens each April and reminds us to pay attention to our health. It's important to learn some strategies for coping with this particular silent scourge. You can observe Stress Awareness Month by (1) practicing meditation, (2) exercising, and (3) making an appointment with your doctor.






Passover, March 27 - April 4, 2021


Passover 2021 begins at sundown on March 27 and ends Sunday evening, April 4. The first Passover seder is on the evening of March 27, and the second Passover seder takes place on the evening of March 28. Passover is a festival of freedom. It commemorates the Israelites' Exodus from Egypt, and their transition from slavery to freedom. The main ritual of Passover is the seder, which occurs on the first two nights (in Israel just the first night) of the holiday - a festive meal that involves the re-telling of the Exodus through stories and song and the consumption of ritual foods, including matzah and maror (bitter herbs). The seder's rituals and other readings are outlined in the Haggadah





Ramadan, April 13 - May 12, 2021


Ramadan 2021 is expected to begin on Tuesday, April 13, 2021 and will end on Wednesday, May 12, 2021. Eid al Fitr 2021 is expected to be celebrated on Thursday, May 13, 2021. This is the tentative date as the actual date of commencement of Ramadan 2021 is subject to the sighting of the moon. Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic calendar / Hijri Calendar. The length of the Month varies between 29 and 30 days depending on the sighting of the Shawwal Moon which leads to the much awaited Islamic festival of Eid ul Fitr on the 1st of Shawwal. Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam and during this holy month, Al-Quran was first revealed to the Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.). The word 'Ramadan' comes from the Arabic world 'Ramad / Ramida' which means scorching heat or drought. So the word Ramadan means abstinence from eating and/or drinking anything from dawn till dusk. Millions of Muslims across the world observe fast from dawn till dusk during the whole month of Ramadan as this is the most sacred month for the whole Muslim Ummah.





Day of Silence, April 23, 2021


The GLSEN Day of Silence is a national student-led demonstration where LGBTQ students and allies all around the country - and the world - take a vow of silence to protest the harmful effects of harassment and discrimination of LGBTQ people in schools.

Started in the mid 90's by two college students, the Day of Silence has expanded to reach hundreds of thousands of students each year. Every April, students go through the school day without speaking, ending the day with Breaking the Silence rallies and events to share their experiences during the protest and bring attention to ways their schools and communities can become more inclusive.