September 2018 Newsletter Headlines
Employee Highlight of the Month

September - Employee Highlight of the Month
Kimberley Reed Thompson - Associate General Counsel

Q. What are some career highlights?
A.  In 1982 I began working in the FMHJ as a Deputy Defender with the Legal Aid and Defender Association.  In 1992 I was appointed as the Judicial Assistant in the Recorder's Court for the City of Detroit.  After the merger of the courts I became the Deputy General Counsel for the Criminal Division.
Q. Finish this sentence.  On Sunday mornings, you can usually find me...
A.  On Sunday mornings, you can usually find me at Oak Grove African Methodist Episcopal Church where I am a member of the Voices of Praise Women's choir and the Vessels of Grace Liturgical Dance Ministries.
Q. What is your personal motto?
A.  My personal motto is: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  Philippians 4:13
Q. What are some causes you care about?
A.  I am a member of the Detroit Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and through our Social Action Committee I have facilitated several Expungement fairs where attorneys volunteer to assist eligible persons in filing motions to set aside their convictions, and we provide information on employment, voter registration, and social services.
Q. What college/university did you go to?
A.  I am a graduate of two HBCU's.  I earned my B.S. from Kentucky State University in Frankfort, KY and a J.D. Howard University School of Law in Washington, D.C.  I also have an L.L.M. from Wayne State University School of Law. 


Zenell Brown, Executive Court Administrator, and visiting judge from Japan, Judge Tatsunori Mashimoto, attended the United States Eastern District Court's State of the Court luncheon as a special guest of Chief Judge Denise Page Hood.
Court Administrator Brown, Judge Mashimoto, Chief Judge Denise Page Hood, and Judge Fred Mester take a photo after Chief Judge Hood delivers the address sharing the U.S. District Court updates on Judges, staff, and operations.  


Presented by the National Judicial College - Enhancing Judicial Skills in Domestic Violence Cases - Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb County Judges and Referees are attending.


The Wayne County Family Law Bar Association hosted its annual golf outing and dinner on Friday, September 14, 2018, at the Dearborn Hills Golf Course.  Once again, the outing was organized by Chairperson Christopher McDonald of Appraisal Masters with the help of Tusa Law.  The proceeds benefited Wayne Mediation Center, a community-based non-profit organization providing dispute resolution services and training throughout Wayne County.  Fun was had by all!

Are You Ready for Some Football!!

The Third Circuit Court, Chief Judge Robert J. Colombo, Jr. and
Executive Court Administrator, Zenell Brown,
invite you to watch the

Detroit Lions v. Los Angeles Rams
Sunday, December 2, 2018
1:00 p.m.
Ford Field
Enjoy an afternoon at Ford Field, cheering on the Lions with your coworkers! 
Tickets are $69 each plus fees.
To purchase, follow the link below and use the promo code, log in or create an account and follow the prompts.
Promo code is 3RDCC
We hope to see you there!! GO Lions!!

Yellow Stripes


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School's summer recess is over; this newsletter highlights that last sights, sounds, and taste of the Third Circuit Court's summer.  It was great! Judges and staff partook in downtown activities and were at many community events and various court outreaches.  As the temperatures cool, the Court activities will head indoors, but the Court still promises to have a community presence such as the semi-annual FOC outreach program with Salvation Army's William Booth Legal Aid Clinic at the Detroit Public Library and the Veteran's Resource Fair at Michigan State University's Detroit Center.  We hope everyone had an enjoyable and safe summer and look forward to sharing our fall events and updates.

Happy 60th Anniversary, 
Spirit Of Detroit!

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Spirit of Detroit statue!  Sculptor Marshall M. Fredericks was commissioned by the Detroit-Wayne Joint Building Authority to create a sculpture that represented hope, progress, and the "spirit of a man." 
Chief Judge Robert J. Colombo, Jr. was honored with a pewabic replica as part of the 60th anniversary ceremony and celebration.  

Wayne County Circuit Court would like to welcome our newest Japanese Judge, Judge Tatsunori Mashimoto.  He is interested in the criminal justice system (especially the pretrial procedure and the jury system) in the United States and the State of Michigan.  Please join the Court in welcoming Judge Mashimoto.


The Family Domestic Division of the Third Judicial Circuit Court took a moment to celebrate the efforts of its dedicated Child Support Specialists in the Friend of the Court at an Ice Cream Social to recognize Child Support Awareness Month in Michigan.  Child Support Awareness Month recognizes the important role financial support plays in improving the quality of life for children and acknowledges the efforts of the child support professionals who strive to ensure that children receive that support. 
Child support reduces the child poverty rate and improves children's well-being.  Studies show that receipt of child support has a positive effect on academic achievement and improves young children's cognitive development.   Receiving regular, reasonable child support awards can make the difference for families between reliance on the state and self-sufficiency.  Payment of child support also leads to increased involvement and influence of noncustodial fathers.  Fathers who pay child support are more likely to visit their child, to see their child more frequently, and to affect how their child is raised, regardless of how much support they pay.
In 2017 the Wayne County Friend of the Court collected over $250 million in child support, an average of more than a million dollars per Friend of the Court employee.   Their efforts on behalf of the children of Wayne County are greatly appreciated.

In 1597, Sir Francis Bacon said "Knowledge is Power!"  The volunteers of the Wayne County Friend of the Court's Outreach Team attempt to spread knowledge to those who utilize the Friend of the Court's services at each and every outreach event the volunteers attend.  The goal of the outreach team is to empower through the spreading of this knowledge.
Often those needing child support services are too afraid to come to the Friend of the Court (FOC).  To counter this, the Outreach Team eagerly presents information in a non-threatening meeting place.  The volunteers visit many locations to stamp out negative concepts of the child support system and plant the seeds of taking positive action towards child support and parenting responsibilities.
One such outreach occurred on August 17, 2018, where one of the FOC's Senior Staff Attorneys, Shelly Payne, ran a workshop at the Cooper Street Correctional Facility in Jackson, Michigan.  There were approximately 200 residents in attendance at the workshop.  Once the introductions were done, the residents opened up to Ms. Payne about their stories, fears, and asked a multitude of questions about the child support system.  Judging from the letters, feedback, and motions received from the participants, that two hour workshop dispelled their fears of the child support system upon their release from incarceration.  Ms. Payne came back to the Friend of the Court offices, ready to follow up on many of the resident's issues regarding their child support cases.
The Outreach Team at Wayne County Friend of the Court is committed to spreading knowledge and empowering the community to not run away from the Friend of the Court; but to be proactive and engage with the Friend of the Court to resolve child support and parenting time issues. 

Clinic for Child Study Summer Activities 

June 29, 2018 - Values Art Project
The purpose of the event was for the consumers to create posters that represent the Clinic's values as they view them.  Fifteen consumers participated in the event.
The Clinic for Child Study provided all of the needed art supplies, as well as snacks, beverages, and lunch for all of the consumers.  Judge Joseph was given the task to select three winners whose posters represented the Clinic's value.  Each consumer shared their poster with Judge Joseph and explained what value that they had selected and what it meant to them.  Judge Joseph took his role as Judge of the art project just as seriously as when he is on the Bench.  The youth really appreciated the time Judge Joseph spent deciding the winners.  All of the posters will be displayed at the Clinic for Child Study.  Each consumer that participated received a certificate of appreciation.  The winners will receive a ribbon of excellence.     


August 15, 2018 - Back 2 School Bash
There were 260 plus participants; (referrals by CCM's, Probation Officers, Therapists and Jurists): 73 consumers, 98 siblings, 44 parents, jurists, administration, outside agencies and organizations, volunteers, and staff that attended this event.
Special thanks to our Back 2 School Supply Sponsors; MCLC, Child Advocacy Nonprofit, CASA, The National Association of Negro & Professional Women's Club, and Helping Hands of Wayne County who  donated 85 gift cards, 186 backpacks filled with school supplies, hygiene items, four computer tablets, and onsite haircuts.  In addition, 18 consumers received dental care services from Mobile Dental, and 65 smoke alarms were given to families from the Detroit Fire Department.  The National Kidney Foundation provided nutritional games, and pamphlets on improving ones overall health and well-being.
Four gift baskets with computer tablets, hygiene items, and goodies were raffled off to consumers. Included in the festivities were clowns, face painting, books, stickers, toys, candy bags, ice cream, haircuts, live jazz, arts & crafts, games, activities, music, drumming, and food for the consumers, their families, and the community.                 


August 24, 2018 - 19th Annual Basketball Tournament & Family Fun Day
For the second year this event was held at Tindal Recreational Center in Detroit.  This year the following units from the Court participated:  Casework Services, Home-Based Unit, Clinic Treatment Unit, and STAND.  The tournament allowed our consumers not only to showcase their basketball skills but also for them to play and think as a team while utilizing appropriate social skills.  Twenty consumers (19 males and 1 female) participated in the tournament.  Thirty parents, siblings, and grandparents were present to cheer their team on to victory.  There were an additional 58 consumers, parents, grandparents and siblings who participated in the Family Fun Day.  Activities included face painting, board games, football toss, soccer, and arts & crafts.  Everyone who attended the event was provided snacks, lunch, t-shirt, and a candy bag. 
All participants in the 3-on-3 basketball tournament received a medal of participation and trophies for the teams that placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  Also the most outstanding player received the MVP trophy.  Casework West/East won the team trophy.