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RFP for Juvenile LGALs - Questions/Answers

  1. Are delinquency preliminary hearings included in this RFP? If so, are they included in Section 2 II. Nature of Work: B. Assignment to the Preliminary Examination Proceeding? If they are included, where will the representation occur?
  2. Will successful applicants have access to on-site parking? Will court operations take place at the current site for the duration of the contract?
  3. Currently the court operates a docket on Wednesdays and Fridays called the Incorrigibility Docket. Will this docket be continued and, if so, how will legal representation be assigned? Historically, one of the contract attorney groups handled this.
  4. Would I be able to obtain copies of previous applications submitted by juvenile organizations/PODs and approved by the Court for 2015 through 2017 without having to make the request pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act?
  5. Are the groups required to secure office space in Wayne County?
  6. Is the Vendor selected to do appeals required to get insurance in the amount of 1 million-3 million?
  7. Are appeals a separate section within this bid or is it a separate bid for appeals? If it is a separate bid for appeals, will there be a request for proposal on appeals only?
  8. STAND program is included in the scope of work. Currently, legal services for juveniles does not include the STAND program. Is it anticipated that the defense attorneys will be attending all STAND hearings (Section 3.1)?
  9. The request for proposal states all subcontractors must be approved in writing by the court. Section 1.3. Then the request states that “the court does not retain the right to control or direct the successful bidder’s activities etc.” Section 1.2
  10. The request for proposal states that the vendor must agree that upon being awarded a contract under this RFP that the vendor will have the court named as co-insured on any policy of professional liability insurance. Section 4.1.
  11. This RFP does not address Saturday hearings at JDF or any representation at JDF during the week. Is this to be included in the scope of work?